Fifa 19 Mobile: The Best Football Game


In order to make full use of this application, you need to have an account with EA sports in FIFA 19 IOS. The companion app will always keep you connected to the world of FIFA. Therefore, you will be able to manage your game even when you are on the go.

You can indulge in complete management of your club. The use of the app will make it really easy to prepare squads for big matches. You can always pace bid on the last minute transfers by use of this application. Playing in this manner will help you earn additional rewards for the team.

How to download and play Fifa 19 on iOS

You can download Fifa 19 on your IOS device from RedMoonPie. They have the download files of the game. It is available to download on iOS devices and Android also. Just visit their website and download FIFA 19 for IOS game and play it with your friends.

Lots of activities for you

You can always get new players for your team by use of coins or FIFA points. When perfect synchronization is achieved between the companion app and your console, your club will remain completely updated. It does not matter where you are playing, this application will always keep your team match ready. You will always have something new to play for by use of the companion app.

There are daily as well as weekly objectives to fulfill. When you have completed challenges, you will always get the appropriate rewards. FIFA 19 for Mobile is really useful for all those people who love playing this game in spite of busy schedules.

Get rewards on the go

With help of the companion app, you will be able to get all your rewards even when you are not playing. There are different championships where you might have participated, be it squad battles or championship. Everything can be got directly on your phone. There are numerous squad building challenges that you will come across while playing this game.

You can get lots of rewards by linking the clubs and players, through nationality, leagues a well as other complex factors. There are numerous challenges and tasks to play for in this particular game.

Fifa 19 IOS Game Features

You can always get your team ready for the upcoming match by just using this app on your phone. You will be able to change formations, managers as well as players from here. The companion app always supports picking up new players. Each of such picks in FIFA 19, allows you to select a maximum of 5 players. They can be added to your squad. You need to be a little careful in this selection as finally, you can keep only one among them. The transfer market is always buzzing with activity in the game. You are never going to miss another update because of the companion app. Everything you need for building your team is present in this app.

Perfect store

You will be able to keep a tab on all the important aspects of the game by use of this application. During the time of transfer, you can even bid on consumables other than players. The FIFA 19 is a hence a tremendous game for all followers of this type of games. With the help of the pack, you can also gain access to different special offers.

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