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20 Feb 2016 14:00zjetUs to Phuket!

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Donni Kurniawan with 417:40 hrs logged last month!

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Welcome to jetLine

jetLine is a Virtual Airline Only for FS2004 (FS9) or FSX platform user. Simulated real national airlines operating in Indonesia. Our philosophy is to ensure the realism as much as possible within the limits of Flight Simulator aspect. Created by simmer and real pilot who wants to create a new federative community, real and virtual pilots. This community was intend & created to fill the gap between real world and virtual aviation airlines, as well as simulate airlines flight operation in Indonesia. But that's just the beginning of many other features we have.We also create a fun environment to learn, exchange and fly!

Letter from Mr. President

Dear Guest, a special welcome to you who may be flying with us for the first time. We hope you enjoy your career with the jetLine airline that strives professionalism for its pilots by flying to top destinations utilizing the youngest fleet, from beautiful Indonesia, Asia, Middle East and around the world. I am honored to personally welcome you to our website system. Whether you are an aspiring pilot, aviation enthusiast, or just passing by to see what we offer, I am glad you have taken your time to visit us and explore the types of services we offer you, the prospective virtual pilot. With new services that have been implemented to this our website, I am proud to announce that we are continuing our best services well between 2011-2013. We continue to improve our virtual airline on a daily basis to provide you with a new and better experience each day. Our latest major developments have been a new website, our new fleet, upgraded operations systems!

Our Disclaimer

All information on this website is meant for simulation purposes only. None of this information relates to or should be used for real world aviation purposes. The user agrees that the use of this website is at the user's risk. The terms "roster", "pilots", "flight schedule", "flight hours", and "pilot rank/ award" do not relate in anyway to real world career. It is all strictly for fun and strictly all virtual activity. All images, logos, and trademarks remain property of jetLine.