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LNI268WARR - WALRMuhammad Rayhan Pranandika
LNI331WIPP - WIIIZulfi Prima Andika
LNI640WARJ - WAAAIndra Maulana
LNI737WAMM - WARRDzaky Hermawan
LNI771WAMM - WIIISjak Liong
LNI887AWAPP - WARRWidho Perdana
LNI945BWAOO - WICCHardi Gozali

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[LNI911A] Landing RWY 29 Husein Sastranegara Intl Airport Bandung (WICC)

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Indra Maulana with 304:19 hrs logged last month!

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LNI137Khairu Humam28 min ago
LNI025Erwin Sanders1.3 hrs ago
LNI903Ahmad Lukman1.8 hrs ago
LNI770Dzaky Hermawan2 hrs ago
LNI150ASukianto Liu2 hrs ago

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  • Lion Group Virtual is a dedicated VA for IVAO (International Virtual Aviation Organisation), simulating the operations of Indonesia Real World counterpart, Lion Air Indonesia. Our philosophy is to ensure realism as real as it gets. Following the sucessfull Indonesian VA, Garuda Indonesia Virtual, we create another Indonesian VA which has claimed the largest 737-900ER operator in the world. Many feature were presented to you such as timetable which update in every month adopted from real Lion Air including the subsidiary airline Wings Air, Batik Air, Malindo Air and Thai Lion Air. Simple and easy to use ACARs, dispatch payload and precise fuel calculation for every flight you've booked, unique tour and event, forum, liveries support and ready to use, specially designed MTL for IVAO, and others to come in the future. We hope you enjoy your stay in LGV. Once again, welcome aboard!

  • Lion Air Virtual (LGV) is a Virtual Airline Only for FS2004 (FS9) or FSX platform user & we are not affiliate with real world Lion Air. Simulate real national airlines operating in Indonesia. Since 90th decade, flight simulator fans & anthusiast are growing even bigger each years. We believe Lion Group Virtual will follow his previous and parent virtual airline which is Garuda Indonesia Virtual to be the best option & one of the most success virtual airline ever build.

    We use the Integrated PIREP System (IPS) to re-create the real world Lion Air schedules which operates services across Asia, South West & Middle East. Using our modern airline fleet and GIV ACARs system, booking mode with the timetable & callsign restriction, build-in forum module, gallery module & status indicator, HUB system and daily departure/arrival time operation will provide a new and exciting experience for you.

  • All information on this website is meant for simulation purposes only. None of this information relates to or should be used for real world aviation purposes. The user agrees that the use of this website is at the user's risk. The terms "roster", "pilots", "flight schedule", "flight hours", and "pilot rank/ award" do not relate in anyway to real world career. It is all strictly for fun and strictly all virtual activity. Lion Group Virtual is not in anyway affiliated with Lion Air Virtual . All images, logos, and trademarks remain property of their respective owners.

  • Dear Pilot, welcome to the Lion Group Virtual, one of the most realistic virtual airlines in Indonesia. Lion Group Virtual is a Virtual Airlines with a long-standing commitment to aviation enthusiast. Through the contributions and support from member which came from various profession who have same hobby, we've continue to grow and reach 2 years of service. From year to year, we always expanding as the real airlines (Lion Group) does. To meet member needs, besides Lion Air itself, we also created 4 subsidiary airlines that operating under this Group. Wings Air, Batik Air, Malindo Air, and last but not least Thai Lion Air is fully operated with all details in every flight. Subsidiary Airlines have a manager called SUBs Chief that responsible to keep the airline updated, which covers timetable, fleet, details operation that can be found in our forum. Until now, we have 290 active pilots that has flown more than 21.000 in number of flight and recorded more than 40.000 flight hours. With these successful record we'll continue our journey and we'll give a lot of new addition to keep it "as real as it gets".


        Lion Group Virtual President & Founder 2012-2013 

  • This video was created by Hanif Bagus Irianto and copyrights re-distribute remain to the respective owner

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